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Open Forum for 2011-03-27

  • | Chris McCann
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    1. 01:38 From the EBF website: Jesus said that no one but the Father knows. According to scientists, many people believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012, which is the end of the Mayan calendar. Most of these predictions were correct, but nobody really knows when the world will end. The world will end unexpectedly - like a thief in the night - as it says in the Bible.
    2. 18:32 From a California visitor to the EBF website: It is malarkey that the end of the world is May 21st. God in His mercy does not tell us the day or hour. This is so we will be perpetually ready. He knows human nature and He knows that to reveal the day and hour ahead of time would lull people into complacency.
    3. 27:45 Unable to hear question. Answer given in relation to the ten virgins in Matthew 25.
    4. 31:21 Is Zechariah 14:5-7 related to the timing of the Day of Judgment?
    5. 32:57 In relation to God’s Law, why was Cain not killed after he killed Abel? Why did God spare Cain’s life? Why did God not kill Cain Himself or have someone else kill him?
    6. 39:32 Could you explain the timeframes in Revelation 11 in reference to the 42 months, the 1,260 days, and the three and a half days?