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Open Forum for 2011-04-24

  • | Chris McCann
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    1. 00:15 From a Kerala, India visitor to the EBF website: I am really amazed to hear that the world is going to end up on May 21, 2011. Who are you to predict like that? Did the human beings grow more powerful than the mighty God? It is said in all religious books without any bias on religion that only God can say the exact day when the world ends. Even prophets do not know. How can you be superior than all?
    2. 25:14 Could you look at Isaiah 17:13-14 and Zechariah 14:7? In relation to the timing of Judgment Day, is the evening time still locked in?
    3. 29:04 Could you compare Acts 17:31 with Acts 28:23,31? Also, how does Acts 17:31 relate to the end time?
    4. 35:05 Can you talk about how the chief priests and Pharisees commanded that the tomb to Christ’s body be sealed because they believed that someone could come and steal the body and then claim that He had raised from the dead?
    5. 38:10 Why did Thomas not believe without first seeing the print of the nails in Christ’s hands? What was the point in believing in Christ and yet needing this proof? Can this relate to May 21st?