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Open Forum for 2011-05-01

  • | Chris McCann
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    1. 00:00 From the EBF website: You are an embarrassment to Christians everywhere. You should be ashamed and ask God for forgiveness for your blasphemous claims that you can know the mind and schedule of God!
    2. 04:09 Could you compare Luke 16:19 with Revelation 18:16?
    3. 10:05 As I was coming to the fellowship, I saw a sign outside of a local church that said that they would be giving a sermon on no man knowing the day or hour. Can we compare this to spiritual warfare?
    4. 15:48 People say to me as I pass out tracts, “I cannot find the date of May 21st in the Bible. Where can I find the chapter and verse where it says this?”
    5. 25:00 Could you read Revelation 17:10-12? This passage speaks of seven kings, ten horns, ten kings, the beast, etc. I have been wondering if this has any relationship to what is happening now.
    6. 28:14 In relation to Philippians 1:15-17, could the church, in an unknowing way, be reaching the world with the news of May 21st?
    7. 29:39 In the parable of Matthew 22 concerning the man who came in without a wedding garment on, what is the significance of this person actually getting into the wedding feast?
    8. 33:09 In Revelation 9, are the locusts the true believers? When it is commanded them that they should not hurt the grass, “neither any green thing, neither any tree,” is this a picture of true believers as well? Since the true believers will not be here during those five months, what is the torment during this time relating to? Is it the previous testimony of the believers that was given before these five months began?
    9. 37:21 Returning to the question of the person in the wedding feast, it says at the end of this parable, “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Could this be relating to the fact that he was in the feast in that he was called, but he was not a participant of it?
    10. 38:47 My question is in relation to the fantastic proof that we have been given about the fig tree in leaf. But in Luke 21:29, what does “all the trees” refer to? Is this a different group of people other than national Israel, or is this another time reference in that we are approaching summer when all of the trees come into bloom?