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Many Updates to the Site

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  • Retired old server and replaced with several virutal servers. Also did some site reorganization for studies and questions creating “Friday” and “Sunday” areas.

Retired the old server used by the site for more that eight years and replaced it with several virtual servers improving performance and also cutting costs. As part of this transition, we haven’t posted anything to the website for the past few weeks while new processes are developed. Lord willing, we’ll get caught up soon.

While we work on getting new content published, the following changes have been made:

  • New section on home page that shows all recent studies, questions and answers no matter where they have been published on the site.

  • All new Sunday studies will be published in a Studies, Sunday area.

  • All new Sunday Open Forums will be published in a Questions, Sunday area.

  • New Friday studies and questions areas have been created as a place to post many of the Friday studies and Open Forums.