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2012.02.27 - Questions and Answers

  • | Chris McCann
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  • Various questions and answers from the Bible
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    1. 00:58 In what context is the word Tishri used? I heard that this has a strong connection to Purim. Could you elaborate on this?
    2. 04:16 Have you considered going back on Coast to Coast to get this message of Purim 2012 out? Also, what can we expect to happen when the end comes? Is there anything in the Bible that tells us that certain physical events will happen?
    3. 12:17 When Old Testament Israel held their Passover, I thought that it was only for 1-2 days, but it seems like the Passover that the Jews celebrate today is held over a 7-8 day period. Can you talk about this?
    4. 13:14 Could you compare Esther 8:17 with Revelation 7:14? Is the group that became saved in the book of Esther those who came out of tribulation in the book of Revelation?
    5. 17:09 Could we look at Matthew 24:38? Is the reason why God used the image of marriage as something that would be prevalent in the last days because the non-elect would obviously be doing this? Could we say that marriage is actually a statement that indicates that someone would be planning a future, meaning that they would be planning a life with someone else as well as children, when God is telling us that there really is not going to be a future?
    6. 23:27 I have heard that the book of Esther was the last book that was allowed into the Biblical canon. I find it interesting in these last days that Esther has all of these end-time revelations and that this is the book that figures prominently at this time.
    7. 25:59 Is Mr. Camping still alive today and is he in agreement with this teaching?