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EBible Fellowship Broadcasting Information

EBible Fellowship maintains a PalTalk chat room into which we broadcast various live and prerecorded programming. There are also corresponding MP3 and Ogg Vorbis streams as an alternative way to listen.

Bible Teaching and Music

Description: Various times of live messages and Bible Q&A. Prerecorded messages from our web site and music are played into the room at other times.

PalTalk Category: Religion and Theology, Christianity

PalTalk Room Name: EBible Fellowship

Hours of programming: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week (as PalTalk allows). Please see our live schedule. Prerecorded messages and music are broadcast at other times.

Room Information and Status: View

MP3 Stream: Low bandwidth 32 Kbps stream suitable for dial-up users.

MP3 Stream: High bandwidth 128 Kbps stereo stream suitable for broadband users.

Ogg Vorbis Stream: Medium bandwidth 50+ Kbps stereo stream suitable for broadband users. Listen to the above streams and see the currently playing track.
Apps are available for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Live Teaching

Description: This stream is deprecated. Please use one of the Bible Teaching streams above.
Various live messages and Bible Q&A’s are broadcast on this stream using a direct feed from the live audio source. As a result, this stream will typically be better quality than the Bible Teaching streams below which are relayed through Paltalk.

MP3 Stream: Medium bandwidth 64 Kbps stream


Although we are very grateful to the Lord for providing PalTalk as a means of us sharing the gospel live over the internet, we as a ministry do not endorse the PalTalk web site; nor do we recommend any room on PalTalk other than any rooms that EBible Fellowship itself opens up.