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Numbers in Time

Consider the following five significant dates in the history of national Israel:

2092 BC Abraham, the beginning of God's focus on Israel, enters the Promised Land
1877 BC Jacob, the father of all Israelites, leaves the Promised Land and enters Egypt
1447 BC The Israelites leave Egypt
931 BC The kingdom of Israel is divided into two separate kingdoms
587 BC Judah is destroyed by Babylon

The total number of years from 2092 BC to 587 BC is 1,505 years. We’ve already seen the Bible instructs us we can break numbers down to find significance. The number 1,505 breaks down into the following three prime numbers: 43 x 7 x 5. It is interesting that 1,505 breaks down evenly into all spiritually significant numbers.

We might say, “Well, that could just be coincidence.” Perhaps it is. However, when we plot these five dates on a timeline and examine the time relationships between them we arrive at the following:

Numbers in Time

Could all of that really just be coincidence?

Moreover, when we add up all of the total kings that ruled over national Israel we discover that there were 43. Saul, David, and Solomon reigned and then the kingdom was divided into two kingdoms in 931 BC. The northern ten tribes of Israel had 20 kings rule over them between 931 BC and their destruction in 709 BC. The southern two tribes also had 20 rulers over them between 931 BC and their destruction in 587 BC. The 20 kings in each kingdom added to the first three kings before the division we arrive at the number 43.