EBible Fellowship Sunday Bible Study

(Bible Class I)

MP3 Audio - 2011

Date Title and Text Link Listen/Download Video
06-Feb-2011 Ecclesiastes 12  Listen  Download  
02-Jan-2011 Out of Egypt Have I Called My Son  Listen  Download  

MP3 Audio - 2010

Date Title and Text Link Listen/Download Video
19-Dec-2010 The Promised Land  Listen  Download  
05-Dec-2010 There is No Free Will Salvation  Listen  Download  
21-Nov-2010 The Wise Know Time and Judgement  Listen  Download  
07-Nov-2010 Fear God  Listen  Download  
07-Nov-2010 Psalm 56  Listen  Download  
26-Sep-2010 Mankind is Made in the Image of God  Listen  Download  
05-Sep-2010 Revile Not  Listen  Download  
30-May-2010 The Mouth of the Wicked  Listen  Download  
02-May-2010 Psalm 85  Listen  Download  
04-Apr-2010 Ointment of the Apothecary  Listen  Download  
21-Mar-2010 God is Patient  Listen  Download Watch
10-Jan-2010 The Wise Shall Inherit Glory  Listen  Download  
03-Jan-2010 Praying, Crying, and Watching  Listen  Download Watch

MP3 Audio - 2009

Date Title and Text Link Listen/Download Video
06-Dec-2009 Blessed Are Ye When Men Shall Revile You  Listen  Download  
29-Nov-2009 Judas Is Like the Corporate Church  Listen  Download  
15-Nov-2009 Combatting Besetting Sins  Listen  Download  
01-Nov-2009 Parable of the Talents  Listen  Download  
25-Oct-2009 The Good Pleasure of God  Listen  Download  
18-Oct-2009 Attitudes for the End  Listen  Download  
04-Oct-2009 The Works of God Should Be Made Manifest  Listen  Download  
27-Sep-2009 Psalm 138  Listen  Download Watch
20-Sep-2009 Sorrow and Joy  Listen  Download  
13-Sep-2009 Weighty Matters  Listen  Download  
23-Aug-2009 I Speak Concerning Christ and the Church  Listen  Download  
26-Jul-2009 Questions from the EBF Website  Listen  Download  
12-Jul-2009 The Wicked Shall Be Cut Off  Listen  Download  
05-Jul-2009 The Doctrine of Election  Listen  Download  
28-Jun-2009 Witnessing in These Last Days  Listen  Download Watch
21-Jun-2009 Having Loved This Present World  Listen  Download Watch
07-Jun-2009 Psalm 17  Listen  Download  
31-May-2009 Remember  Listen  Download  
17-May-2009 Angels  Listen  Download  
10-May-2009 Are You Able to Be Corrected?  Listen  Download  
03-May-2009 Daniel 1  Listen  Download  
19-Apr-2009 The Harlot Died Before the Rapture in 2011 AD  Listen  Download  
12-Apr-2009 Approaching God  Listen  Download  
05-Apr-2009 Why is it Called Palm Sunday?  Listen  Download  
22-Mar-2009 Forgive Others As I Have Forgiven You  Listen  Download  
15-Mar-2009 Being Then Made Free From Sin  Listen  Download  
08-Mar-2009 I Hope God Will Save Me  Listen  Download  
22-Feb-2009 The Will of God  Listen  Download  
15-Feb-2009 Thy Word is True  Listen  Download  
08-Feb-2009 Another Look at the Timeline of History  Listen  Download  
01-Feb-2009 Philemon  Listen  Download  
25-Jan-2009 Weeping  Listen  Download  
18-Jan-2009 God Wrote the Whole Bible  Listen  Download  
11-Jan-2009 Encouragement for the Unmarried  Listen  Download  

MP3 Audio - 2008

Date Title and Text Link Listen/Download
28-Dec-2008 The Second Coming  Listen  Download
21-Dec-2008 Beware of False Prophets  Listen  Download
14-Dec-2008 Fear Not  Listen  Download
07-Dec-2008 Psalm 72  Listen  Download
30-Nov-2008 Go Ye Into All the World with the True Gospel  Listen  Download
16-Nov-2008 Who Can Know the Day and Hour?  Listen  Download
02-Nov-2008 Psalm 94  Listen  Download
26-Oct-2008 Does God's Spirit Dwell in You?  Listen  Download
19-Oct-2008 Ruling Over Men  Listen  Download
05-Oct-2008 Psalm 16  Listen  Download
28-Sep-2008 Reproach Removed  Listen  Download
21-Sep-2008 Meditate Day and Night  Listen  Download
07-Sep-2008 Songs of Deliverance  Listen  Download
31-Aug-2008 Taking the Day of Judgment Lightly  Listen  Download
24-Aug-2008 Hell Part 2  Listen  Download
10-Aug-2008 Thou Shalt Not Covet  Listen  Download
03-Aug-2008 Psalm 37  Listen  Download
20-Jul-2008 Salvation is Still Possible Outside the Churches  Listen  Download
13-Jul-2008 This is the Day the LORD Has Made  Listen  Download
06-Jul-2008 My Sister My Spouse  Listen  Download
29-Jun-2008 Five Examples of Godly Mothers  Listen  Download
22-Jun-2008 Ezekiel 18:23 and 32  Listen  Download
15-Jun-2008 Progressive Revelation Tests for Pride  Listen  Download
01-Jun-2008 The Prayer of Jabez  Listen  Download
25-May-2008 Shall He Not Do It?  Listen  Download
18-May-2008 Who Shall Abide in Thy Tabernacle?  Listen  Download
04-May-2008 The Unjust Steward  Listen  Download
30-Mar-2008 The Law of God Demands Payment for Sin  Listen  Download
23-Mar-2008 Women at the Cross  Listen  Download
16-Mar-2008 Hosanna  Listen  Download
02-Mar-2008 Psalm 149  Listen  Download
24-Feb-2008 Answers to a Child's Letter  Listen  Download
17-Feb-2008 Be Ye Followers of God  Listen  Download
10-Feb-2008 Love Defined Part 3  Listen  Download
03-Feb-2008 Job 19  Listen  Download
27-Jan-2008 Love Defined Part 2  Listen  Download
20-Jan-2008 Colossians 3:1-3  Listen  Download
13-Jan-2008 Love Defined Part 1  Listen  Download
06-Jan-2008 Psalm 44  Listen  Download

MP3 Audio - 2007

Date Title and Text Link Listen/Download
30-Dec-2007 The Essence of the Spirit  Listen  Download
23-Dec-2007 Having Loved This Present World  Listen  Download
16-Dec-2007 When Was Jesus Christ Born?  Listen  Download
02-Dec-2007 Make Your Calling and Election Sure  Listen  Download
25-Nov-2007 Eternal Security  Listen  Download
18-Nov-2007 The Essence of the Soul  Listen  Download
11-Nov-2007 The Angel of the LORD is God Himself  Listen  Download
04-Nov-2007 Psalm 65  Listen  Download

MP3 Audio - 2005

Date Title and Text Link Listen/Download
09-Oct-2005 The Timeline of History  Listen  Download